sábado, 5 de diciembre de 2009

Back in town

Well im back from Miami and I have a lot of things to tell you!!
First things first, in Miami I had a great time, i was with all my family, we had a lot of events, 9 in 10 days, it was crazy! i also shopped a lot, i bought t-shirts, sweaters, pants, a pair of nike shoes, a lot of stuff, really it was all very cheap, specially compared with the prices here in Israel.
The wedding was wonderful, it was like a fairy tale, really, my cousin Adriana who was marrying was incredible, she looked like a princess, my cousin Vero, her sister, was also amazing. My grandparents, my mother, my aunts, everyone was really nice and the party was awesome, lots of people, great music, lots of alcohol and a lot of party. We really had a great time.
Then on saturday we had a party for my aunt who had her 50th birthday, a lot of people came, my uncle made her a very nice video, my cousin alejandro jaegerman sang and a comedian came. He was sooo funny, he had a meeting the day before with my grandmother and she told him facts about all the guests and in the party he was like "I know your number is it ..." "Do you live in herzliya, your name is Moises and you are 18 years old?" it was incredible it was soo funny.
Basically that was my Miami trip, I leave you here a picture of the wedding and a video of my cousin singing, you can buy his songs in itunes! and check his website www.alejandrojaegerman.com

Then I came back to the real life to Israel, yesterday i had a trip to Sderot, it was very interesting but it was also shocking and scary. First we went to a place where we could see gaza from the distant and a guide explained us a bit of the story of the conflict, then we went to the city, the first impresion is that you see all around the city like concrete boxes, some of them in the bus station, the tour guide explained us that those are shelters against the rockets, very scary really.
Then we went to some underground offices where they show us this video
very scary also.
Then we went to the police station were they show us some of the thounsands of rockets that have landed in Sderot in the last few years as you can see in the picture.
The "funny" thing about them is that they are made out of water pipes and filled with sugar canes, this is material that the israeli goverment provides to the palestinians for humanitarian causes, look what they do with that stuff!! missiles!! that give you only 15 seconds to find a shelter and can kill 4 people with one of them.
At the end of they trip they show us how they do with the kids, for them to play safely. they built them an indoor gigantic playground where they can play with no danger, inside they have playstations, an indoor soccer pitch, basketball, jumping castles, games for todlers, computers, a music club!! everything they need...
We ended eating a shuarma and going back home... i will write you again next week, enjoy the weekend, and please let me a comment i like to know what you think about my blog!!

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  1. Quien organiza los tours a Sderot para ver la zona? Me interesa ir cuando tenga unos dias. Debe haber sido muy muy impactante verlo de primera mano.

  2. mooi!! hace mucho que no leia tu blog, hoy lei todos los posts que hiciste que no habia leido!! me encanta todo lo que estas haciendo, parece que la estas pasando barbaro y que te va todo muy bien!!
    Me re impacto eso de inglaterra de los porcentajes sobre el holocausto, la cancion esta buena y muy interesante la visita que hiciste a sderot! Seguramente estar ahi y ver la ciudad y los misiles es muy shockeante!

    Yo viajo a israel en diciembre con dalia, flor staryfurman, martin y sende, espero que nos veamos!!
    Cuando puedas pasame tu numero, direccion de donde estas parando y todo eso y vamos hablando!!

    UN abrazo enoorme! y segui subiendo que esta buenoo!

  3. nico ya te paso todo por msn y buenisimo,nos vemos segurisimo.. que dias vienen??
    y el anonimo, mandame un email a cohenmoises_23@hotmail.com y te contesto sobre lo de Sderot

  4. moiiii te extrano fuull me encanta tu blog!! te quiero verrr... llamame un dia de estos para que me cuentess todoooo.. te amooo

    danna tu primaaa

  5. Oh, kids in israel have a safe place to play!... the palestinians can only play at the battlefield, with the debris of the demolished buildings...