miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

Student day!!!!

Well, less than a week has passed and im back, thats definitivly a good sign!!
This time I want to talk of an event that will take place next week in my university, IDC. Its called Student day (Yom Hastudent in hebrew) and it will be AMAZING (or it looks so)
It will be next tuesday, 11 of may, and it will start at 2 with the end of classes... everybody will leave to home to change, get some alcohol to pregame and get ready... at 18:00 they will open the food bazar where they sell food (isnt that obvious!!) and alcohol (yeah!!!) and everybody will start arriving... at 19:00 Itay Galo (a DJ) will start playing music and preparing us for the 2 main events...
At 20:00 the first main event starts, Hadag Nachash, a very famous israeli group, that maybe you dont know for their name but im sure you have heard some of their songs, for example the ones that you can find in the movie "Dont mess with the Zohan"

The second main event, and really THE MAIN EVENT, starts at 21:30 and it is the full concert of their new tour of INFECTED MUSHROOM yeah, they are VERYYYY famous all around the world and im sure you know them...
I will write again next week telling you how it was... by the way, 24 and lost are going to end pretty soon, im so sad....

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